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Are You Considering A Divorce? Let a Boise Family Lawyer Help.

Family is the best part of every day life. When you need support or a shoulder to cry on difficult days, your family is there. They are also there to help you create the best times and withstand the passing of time. You will do everything you can to protect your family’s future, whether it be infidelity or abuse. It’s time for you to seek the help of a Boise family lawyer to assist you as you go through the divorce proceedings.


Over the last few decades, marriage rates have fluctuated significantly. There have been many factors that contributed to this decline. These include changing social norms and an unstable economy. Your situation is just one of many people looking for better options. The U.S. Census Bureau continues to provide social data that shows first marriages ending in divorce have an average lifespan of eight to nine years. On average, women take three years to remarry in the United States. Men take three and a quarter years.


Although divorce is not an easy decision to make, it can be made easier with the help of a local lawyer. Two-thirds of all divorce cases in the United States are filed by women. A divorce occurs approximately every 36 seconds. This is approximately 2,400 divorces per year, 16,000 per week, and more than 875,000 total divorces each year. Although there are many reasons why people divorce, some are more common than others. The top five reasons that people divorce are infidelity, financial strain, drug abuse, physical and/or sexual abuse, as well as lack of compatibility.


Are you concerned about your child custody rights? An attorney can help you complete the paperwork and conduct an assessment to make a decision. A majority of divorcing mothers were found to have no child support, and 80% of custodial mothers received a child support award. This compares to 30% for custodial fathers. Recent studies show that 90% of divorcing mothers have custody of their children.

Abuse is a difficult topic that can only be made more difficult by fearful silence and a lack or options. If you want to get the help you need, you must talk openly about it. Abuse can come in many forms, including physical and emotional. It can make it difficult to see the bigger picture with a partner who should support you and love you. You may be in an abusive relationship if you are unable to express your true feelings, feel afraid of speaking out, have high levels of anxiety or depression with your partner, or fear for your child’s safety. An attorney who specializes in domestic violence can help you file a divorce petition and determine child custody.

Looking for a Boise Family Lawyer

Family should be happy, secure and content. If you are unhappy with your family’s situation and have considered filing for divorce multiple times, it is worth taking the time to visit your Boise family law office. You’re not alone in your quest to restore your life. They can help you with everything from assessing your child custody options to providing resources for handling abusive situations. Over five million of the six million custodial parents who had either child support awards or agreements were due payments in 2013. Do not worry about your future. You can let a professional take the responsibility.

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