Basics of Bail Bonds

The bail bonds system is complex and varies from state to state. A bail bond is a court-settled agreement that requires a criminal defendant to arrive for a trial or pay a pre-determined amount of money requested by the court. Bail is used as collateral to convince the judge to release the defendant until their trial arrives.

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It is crucial to know that this bail bond is a defendant’s promise to post a guarantee of debt, better known as a surety. Let’s dig deeper into the basics of bail bonds and how they are used in court.

Bail amounts are pre-determined, but a judge is allowed to modify the bail amounts. A defendant is allowed to post bail during regular business hours or even after jail business hours. The receipt of bail posted will be noted by a clerk.

In the event that the defendant decides not to return to court, there will be a hearing so that an arrest warrant can be issued. The court will keep the bond at its current amount if they find the defendant’s reason for not attending court ineligible.

To learn more about bail bonds and their various applications, consult the video we have linked above.


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