Questions You Should Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

It’s wise to schedule a consultation with a car accident attorney after a collision, especially if it results in injuries or property damage. If you prepare questions, then you’ll be able to get more out of your initial consultation. This video from Fitzpatrick & Associates goes over key questions to ask when talking to a lawyer.

Try to provide the attorney with detailed information about your accident so they can give you helpful advice. Ask the attorney if you have a strong claim and determine what course of action they recommend.

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You should also see what your claim is worth.

Besides asking questions about your case, you should try to learn more about the lawyer. Find out everything you can about the fees they charge. See if they’ve handled cases similar to yours in the past. Learn what you can expect if you hire the attorney and ask how long the lawyer expects your claim to take.

Hiring an auto accident attorney can help you resolve your claim quickly. When you ask the right questions beforehand, you’ll feel more confident about your final decision. Use these suggestions as a starting point and find a lawyer that you can trust to handle your case.


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