X Questions to Ask Divorce Attorneys

Have you ever wondered what to ask divorce attorneys during that first awkward meeting? The speaker lays it all out in this YouTube video. She’s provided your cheat sheet so you can ask those lawyers the right questions. She covers everything from how much to expect to pay to whether they’ve got experience beating the pants off the opposing counsel.

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This video focuses on the questions you should ask during your initial interview with a divorce lawyer. It’s vital to find the right lawyer for your unique situation. The outcome of your divorce will have an impact on your life. Here are some of the questions you should ask. Do you practice family law exclusively? If not, what percentage of your practice is family law?

You’ll also learn about your rights. Shepard tells you whether to consider mediation or collaborative divorce instead of fighting it out in court. She also talks about how long this whole process might take. But Diana doesn’t just throw questions at you, she also reminds you to ask for clarification.

And most importantly, she stresses finding a lawyer that clicks with you on a personal level. You’re going to spend a lot of time with this person. So you might as well like them. This video is the ultimate guide to interviewing a divorce lawyer. Now, go forth and conquer that initial meeting.


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