Understanding the Basics of Property Law

Property law is an interesting section of the law as a whole as it determines ownership of everything that we can see. Property law is broken into two sections; real property and personal property. The difference between these two is often described as things that are nailed to the ground versus things that are not.

Items that are secured to the ground are covered by real property and estate law. This includes your home, the land it sits on, and any other land you may own.

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On the other hand, personal property is your car, your TV, your couch, and anything else that can be physically picked up and moved. There are a few intricacies, but this is the best way to understand this concept.

Whenever an individual buys something, they are afforded a certain amount of rights by the United States government. There are too many rules to review for each object purchased, but you should be made aware of them at the time of your purchase. Knowing your rights in terms of ownership allows you to understand when a person or entity violates those rights.

If your rights as a property owner are violated, use an expert in estate law to defend yourself and help secure what is rightfully yours.

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